About Us

Denech is a marketplace (gebeya) that connects buyers with international sellers. All our products are handmade by artisans in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Our goal is to introduce you to unique and beautiful products that combine traditional fabric with modern design for everyday life. By shopping our site, we hope to encourage you to wear something unique every day.


          When I was little, my family would take me to the local market to buy me an outfit for the holidays. The amazing thing about products made by the local artisans was that they had distinct colors and designs. No two items were the same in the entire market.

          Ethiopian artisans make everything by hand, all the way from spinning the cotton to tailoring the dress. Once the fabrics and finished goods are complete, they are sold in the major local market. In the city of Addis Ababa, the major locations are Merkato and Shiro Meda.

          Fifteen years later, the products have evolved to keep up with the times while retaining their unique appeal. However, they are still mostly available only in local markets. Frustrated with the lack of access, I created Denech to bring these handmade items online and make them available to people living anywhere in the world.